What is “Hydro Excavation”?

Two components:
1. Hydro (water)
2. Excavation (removal of soils)

Component 1: Specifically designed, high powered, rotating tips on the end of an on-board power washer is used to break up the soil.
Component 2: An extremely high suction vacuum hose removes broken-up soil and debris.

When to Use Hydro Excavation

  • Hydro Excavation is a safe alternative to traditional excavation methods.
  • Water jets excavate soil quickly and effectively but will not damage pipes, wires, or foundations.
  • Used for excavating near and around known or unknown buried utility lines (gas, electric, water), exposing them, and performing visual inspections of the lines or connections.
  • Sub slab trench excavations in basements, elevator/ grinder pump pits and remote locations where excavators cannot fit or operate.
  • When surgical precision is needed. Holes and trenches can be as small as 4” in diameter and up to 40’ deep without disturbing soil around the excavation area.
  • Alternatively used to excavate and convey material up to 500’ from the trucks using hoses.
  • Efficient at removing soil, sludges, pea gravel, rocks up to 6 in in diameter, ash, water etc.

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